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Contributor guidelines

Who are your contributors and guest authors?
We have a committed panel of writers and bloggers who send us articles on a regular basis. Writers who contribute on an ongoing basis are classified as contributors and will have a featured section on our website. Writers who submit a single article will be classified as Guest Authors. Contributing articles to the BuzzingBubs platform is a personal choice.

What categories of articles does BuzzingBubs accept?
We accept a variety of articles on topics that cover parenting, health, fitness, nutrition, things to do in the city, DIY crafts/arts, activities you can do with your kids and parenting tips.

How do I contribute an article for BuzzingBubs?
Just send us a mail mentioning your area of expertise and what you would like to write about. Attach writing samples/ previous blog posts written by you, if any. We will then get in touch with you.

Can I submit articles I’ve published on another website?
We would prefer it if you wrote a fresh article for us. However, we do consider republishing articles written only on the contributor’s own personal blog. Articles published on other websites will not be republished hereafter. The right to publish an article sent by the contributor rests solely with BuzzingBubs.

Do you pay for articles?
Currently, all our contributors submit articles of their own volition. We do not compensate our contributors/ guest authors at this point of time. However, we pay in kind by promoting their article, bio and photographs on our website, together with a link back to the writer’s personal website.

Is the article sent back to the contributor for approval after editing?
Our editorial team goes over every submission with a fine-toothed comb, checking for errors, factual inaccuracies and/ or changes required. In most cases, we will not send articles back to the contributor for approval. We will, however, intimate the contributor if there are extensive changes required from our end.

What happens after my article is published?
Please note that when an article of yours is published on the site, BuzzingBubs will be sharing it on all our social media handles- Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest- and tag you as well in these shares. We request that you do the same in reciprocation, as this is a standard business practice.

Submission Guidelines for Contributors/ Guest Authors

  • We want articles that reflect you, the writer, whether it’s an idea or a travelogue or a list of things. Bring your best work to the forefront.
  • We aim to be an information portal. Using catchy headlines for your post, good titles and ideas that provoke thought and interaction from parents are ideal.
  • No plagiarized articles will be accepted.
  • If you are a health/nutrition/ fitness expert and write articles on these topics, please note that you will also be expected to answer queries raised by our readers. These queries will appear either as comments on the website or our Facebook page/ re-shares. They will be redirected to you accordingly. BuzzingBubs will not be held liable for any concerns that may arise out of such articles.When an article of yours is sent to us, please ensure that you do the following:
    • Send a short bio of yourself (name/ website/ social media handles) together with a photograph that we can publish as part of the byline.
    • Share an excerpt from the article that we can highlight when the post is published.
    • A photograph/ set of pictures that we can publish together with the article. Note: In case you do not have a picture, we will use a picture of our own.
    • Ensure that you conduct a preliminary spell check before sending us the article.
    • Send it to us in Microsoft Word format.
    • Articles should be in UK English.