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upUgo Rise Up Fitness Program for Kids 10 yrs+

upUgo Rise Up Fitness Program for Kids 10 yrs+

upUgo brings to you Rise Up Fitness Program for children 10 years and above of age. The module trains to participate competitively at qualifying platforms (school, college, state, national, international) and isolates the focus in the chosen sport. All aspects of the chosen game are addressed along with a focus to maintain a rigorous level of physical, mental and emotional balance. With a sharp focus on recovery techniques, goal setting, conditioning and this module promises on delivering optimal performance for every athlete. It’s the stage for the intrinsically motivated sports and fitness enthusiasts raring to go for the Win. The program helps aspiring young athletes training them for sports fitness and improving the game of their choice. The modules are focused on providing children with sports and fitness edge by strength and conditioning sessions for sports.

How will it Benefit the child

  • Physical Level: To achieve physical literacy, FMS(Fundamental Movement Skills) play the most crucial role. In this phase, FMS will be the core physical training.
  • Mental Level: Memory development with physical exercises. Passion for learning through fitness activities. Enhance Cognitive Flexibility.
  • Energy Level: Helping to sustain energy levels through yoga techniques inspired by Isha foundation – supporting calmness and breath work
  • Fitness Ability Test (FAT): An assessment that identifies the child’s fortés and recognizes their growth areas.

About upUgo

upUgo aims to provide Sports and Fitness for Children. Fitness training for children is essential to ensure their well-being and good health. The aim is to make Fitness and Sports accessible and affordable across all socio-economic segments of our society. Working with industry experts their focus is ensuring fitness for kids and young adults, sports training for young athletes and holistic development of “Gen Z” and “Gen Alpha”