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T-Cube Program for Pre-Teens

T-Cube Program for Pre-Teens

T-Cube Program for Pre-Teens is a specialised competency-based learning program designed to support kids 10 to 13 years, with experiential and interactive tools to create awareness, strengthen resources and grow knowledge and skills to ensure a smooth transition for them into their teens. The program includes one-on-one counselling, monthly meetups and experiential projects and activities that includes games, verbal reasoning, movement, virtual arts, theatre, stories, music, journaling, mindfulness, fitness and more to engage with the children.

The learning program focuses on

  • Self-Awareness of transitions at a physical, intellectual, emotional, behavioural, social and creative level; self- image, self-confidence & self-acceptance.
  • Communication & Empowerment: Understanding & integrating perspectives to communication; empowering them to strengthen resilience, trust, empathy, interpersonal skills, primary relationships, analytical and creative thinking, learning styles.
  • The Cultural Quotient: Strengthening core values, revisiting belief systems, behavioural patterns as required.
  • Providing Support (counselling/ therapeutic); a safe and non-judgemental space to openly express
  • Nurturing Qualities of Mindful Living
  • Using tools to address scenarios of bullying, aggression, suppression, fears, anxiety, internal conflicts and challenges, balancing the dependencies on external influences, & technology

About the Facilitator

The facilitator for the program is Megha Chhallani who is the Creative Director of Dribbling Panda, a Behavioral Facilitator & OD Consultant with 14+ years of experience in the field of experiential training, development & emotional well-being. She is a trained dance movement therapy facilitator and Master Practitioner NLP & Mindfulness based Facilitator. She has over 7 yrs of experience working with children & teens.