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STEM and Art Club – Science Everywhere Summer Camp 2022

STEM and Art Club – Science Everywhere Summer Camp 2022

Stem & Art Club believes in the conviction that doing science is not just beneficial, but absolutely necessary to know science in its spirits. Explore the world of science with our science workshops. Learn about Heat transfer by designing own thermos, splitting of light, Floating forces, how to design buzzer and about Pantograph.

These STEM-based science workshops help in encouraging students with different academic requirements to learn scientific concepts by hands-on activities, model building, and various simple science experiments.

Material required:

  • Old cd, tape, empty paper roll or cardboard paper, black electrical tape, flash light, paint, scissor, black paper
  • Yellow cardboard paper, one long ice cream stick, clay, string, one big rubber band, stapler, scissor, ruler, pencil
  • Cardboard, ruler, tape, 2 plastic bottle cap, clay, tape, paper fastener pins, pencil, sketch pens, papers
  • Aluminium foil, glass bottle, big plastic bottle, tape, thermometer, funnel, scissor, ruler
  • 25 lollipop sticks or ice cream sticks, 2 big plastic bottles with lid, 10 big size rubber bands, glue gun, bowl of pebbles, big tub with water
  • If kids need help in cutting, gluing please provide help to them.


To register for the camp or for more details please reach out to Shweta at +91-9686632284. Last date for registration is 30th March 2022