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Senior Reading Circle: Summer Program 2022 with Nisha Abdulla

Senior Reading Circle: Summer Program 2022 with Nisha Abdulla

At the Senior Reading Circle program by Nisha Abdulla, participants will read the moving story of a students struggle to overcome obstacles in her college. They will participate in gamified sessions that explore social exclusion and the power of community to overcome it.

About the Facilitator

Nisha Abdulla, is playwright, theatre-maker and educator based out of Bangalore. She is the Artistic Director of ‘Qabila’, a group that (among other things) makes plays with and for young audiences. Koottu, a play for young audiences that she directed, ran for 25 shows and was invited for festivals in Bangalore prior to the pandemic.

Her work for children has been published by ASSITEJ Germany, and she has also been artist-in-residence at Schauburg Theatre for Youth (Munich) in the summer of 2019. She has been facilitating storytelling, theatre and writing workshops for children and youth since 2014 – in schools and community spaces, across India and Internationally.


To know more and to register please send an email to: nisha.abdulla@gmail.com