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Scratch Coding Course by MakersLoft

Scratch Coding Course by MakersLoft

Why kids need to learn coding? Coding or programming for kids is a skill that is becoming as important as reading and writing. Learning to code develops in children the ability to solve problems, think analytically and logically, in fact it uses the same part of the brain as maths and logical thinking.

In this Scratch Coding course by MakersLoft, students will learn programming concepts – such as sequences, iteration, conditionals, variables and data structures. They will develop problem-solving and project-design skills, such as reasoning logically, debugging problems, developing ideas from initial conception to completed project, and sustaining focus. The course is designed in a fun way with lots of activities like presentations, stories, games and animated movies to keep the kids engaged. Their projects will be saved online, so they can share with anyone.

Demo Class

30 minutes demo/assessment class available prior to enrolment. Demo Class Fee Rs.300/-