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Python Programming, Learn to code Summer Camp 2022

Python Programming, Learn to code Summer Camp 2022

Get your kids started with Python coding in this fun filled and highly effective super camp. The program is designed to make kids really proficient in fundamentals of Python programming by adopting Learn-by-Doing approach.

Kids will learn concepts live from expert instructor and practice the concepts learned in live mentor guided practice sessions.

Activities planned for the camp: 

4 days a week, 2 hours a day kids will undergo Concept sessions followed by Practice sessions. Camp will cover all the fundamentals of coding in Python like variables, statements, blocks, primitive and non primitive data types, operators, if-elif-else statements, loops, functions & game development.

Camp is packed with building interesting programs like number guessing game, finding number is a prime number or not, space invader game, building bank project and more.

Campers will have fun all the way during their learning journey and will also participate in Python coding competition end of May to showcase their coding prowess.

Key Takeaways

  • Sky rocket our Python skills from beginner to advance
  • Master main building blocks of coding in Python
  • Build interesting apps and games
  • Two capstone projects to showcase your Python coding skill
  • Learn online from the best instructors
  • Participate in hackathon & win prizes
  • Enhance your Problem Solving, Logic Building, Project Building & Mathematical skills

Curriculum Schedule

  • Day 1 – Introduction to Python Programming
  • Day 2 – Python Internals, Useful Tools, Variables & Blocks
  • Day 3 – Flow of Control – If statements, Data Types & Collections basics
  • Day 4 – Flow of Control – While Loop
  • Day 5 – Flow of Control – For Loop
  • Day 6 – Numbers, Boolean, None type
  • Day 7 – Python String
  • Day 8 – Functions, Operators
  • Day 9 – File I/O
  • Day 10 – Collections – List & Tuples
  • Day 11 – Collections – Dictionary & Set
  • Day 12 – Project 1 – Building Banking Application
  • Day 13 – Basics of Game Development
  • Day 14 – Building Catch-The-Block game
  • Day 15 – Building Space Invader game
  • Day 16 – Project 2 – Build a game of your choice


  • To learn more about the camp: Call +91-9742305244 or Register on their website.
  • Link for Registration/Booking: Click here!
  • Last date for registration: 28th March, 2022