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The Excellence in English Club

The Excellence in English Club

Improve your kids’ spoken English and speech delivery skills at The Excellence in English Course by Raell Padamsee’s Ace. Get access to the tools children need to improve and watch them grow with confidence as they hone their skills through debates, presentations, group discussions, speeches and an individual keystone assignment presented in the final session.

There are 10 sessions, once a week, online. Enrolling your child in this course and help them get an in-depth understanding of what makes for excellent speech among leaders.

The workshop includes elements that will enable your kids to:

  • Improve their spoken English.
  • Learn about phrasing in spoken English.
  • Develop their proficiency in presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Improve their pronunciation, diction and enunciation of words
  • Work on voice modulation with expression.
  • Improve their Vocabulary
  • Build their critical thinking skills