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OVIMA Speech Arts & Drama Virtual Lessons

OVIMA Speech Arts & Drama Virtual Lessons

Whether you are concentrating on acting or public speaking, these virtual classes by OVIMA on speech arts and drama is for your kids. These classes will help students gain the tools for success as they learn to speak and perform with the correct usage of breath, vowels and enunciation. That’s not all, they will also get to learn techniques which will help them speak with clarity, focus, finesse, and elegance. During the 10 week of OVIMA Speech Arts & Drama Virtual Lessons, students will work on elements of speech and performance that will help them gain poise and self confidence. They will also be mastering in acting skills through various exercises, monologues, dialogues, prose, poems, scene study and cold readings. The students will do warm-up, improvisation, and exercises to help their understanding of the written word.

In each quarter, students work on certain areas:

  • Quarter 1: Improvisation, Personal Anecdotes
  • Quarter 2: Prose & Poetry
  • Quarter 3: Monologues, Cold Readings and Commercial Auditions
  • Quarter 4: Speech Writing, Topic Selection, Structure and Delivery Practice

Equipment Required for the classes

Students must have the following for their class:

  • Laptop / Desktop preferably NOT ipad, tablet, phone
  • Good Broadband Connection
  • Have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer
  • Headset with a microphone
  • Bluetooth speaker or / and additional device to play a track on

About the Instructor

The sessions will be conducted by expert teachers with college training, musical training, or professional performance experience. The teachers are dedicated to learning about personal artistic goals and helping the kids to achieve them. In addition to their teaching credentials, the teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching areas of study that your kids want to learn.


For more details or to register for the class write to us or reach out to us at +91-9945003337