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OVIMA Guitar Virtual Lessons for Kids

OVIMA Guitar Virtual Lessons for Kids

Are your kids ready to play for fun? This program by OVIMA is designed for students who just want to play an instrument and have fun while doing so! The program has a holistic approach that is focused on helping your kids’ overall development including artistic and musical skills.

Play for Fun Group Classes are currently offered only for GUITAR and are held once a week for 60 minutes. Students will learn to tune their guitar, various sections of the instrument and different techniques to play any genre of music. Students will focus on simple left hand development as they get the introduction to basic major and minor chords. That’s not all, they will be taught how to move up the fretboard with an introduction to the 8th note strumming, how to work their finger down the fretboard and start mixing up the chords and pick across multiple strings while reinforcing open chord skills. All this will continue along with inside/outside picking technique and how to start mixing up your picking skills; while slowly playing the Guitar.

In each quarter, students work with 2 areas of technique:

Areas of Technique

  • Quarter 1: Picking, using downstrokes and playing open strings
  • Quarter 2: Upstrokes and Strumming
  • Quarter 3: Using down up strokes, more complex strumming
  • Quarter 4: Hammer and pull ups

The students will do warm-up exercises and scales pertaining to that area of technique. In a 10-class period, students must bring in at least 3 songs, that they would like to work on from a specified genre for the quarter. Songs are to be submitted to the office right after they register for classes. For the age group 7-11 years, instructors will suggest songs. If the song a student brings in is difficult, the teacher will be able to recommend something else, or the student could bring in something else as well.

Genres of Music:

  • Quarter 1: Folk Tunes
  • Quarter 2: Country
  • Quarter 3: Light Rock (Beatles)
  • Quarter 4: Light Jazz and all of the above

Students individually perform 1 song that they have worked on during the quarter, at the end of each quarter. Students are additionally provided other platforms to perform.

Class Components

  • One-on-One instruction in a group class
  • ┬áLearn by listening
  • Repertoire from various genres
  • Good instrumental technique


  • Build confidence and self-expression
  • Play with ease and effortlessly
  • Connect with your audience
  • Deliver the piece with conviction
  • Believe in yourself!

Equipment required for the class

  • Guitar and Plectrum
  • Laptop / Desktop preferably NOT iPad, tablet, phone
  • Good broadband connection
  • Have the Zoom app downloaded to their computer
  • Microphone, headphones, amp.
  • Bluetooth speaker or / and additional device to play a track on