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Movable Machines Course by MakersLoft

Movable Machines Course

Let your kids fall in love with Science and Math with the Lego Movable Machines course by MakersLoft. The course is designed to get the kids inclined towards STEM subjects like engineering, robotics etc. In this course children will learn from the very basics about gears, axles, different connectors as well as about 6 simple machines.

Children will make models like Elevator, Dancing bird, Merry-go-round, Catapult, Crazy floors, Go carts, Make a cartoon, Simple machine to move, Make a mechanical toy, Repeat pattern, Dancing bird, Paper crimper, sea-saw, Crane, Wind mill, Swing, Rubber band Power car, hand blender and more.

NOTE: This course requires a Movable Machines kit that can be purchased from MakersLoft.

Demo Class

30 minutes demo/assessment class available prior to enrolment. Demo Class Fee Rs.300/-