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Online Coding with Javascript Program for Kids (11 – 13 yrs)

Online Coding with Javascript Program for Kids

Learning JavaScript is an integral part of enhancing your coding skills and your kids will get the opportunity to do that in coding with JavaScript summer camp. From an introduction to syntax-based coding and learning how to write complex programs in JavaScript, it will be an engaging and interactive workshop where the kids will have a lot to take away.

The coding summer camp is in line with the new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and it is conducted by certified & experienced trainers who deliver interdisciplinary, learner-centric, experiential & holistic learning that develops creative potential in kids.

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Program Takeaways

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Learn Basics of coding
  • Variables in coding language
  • Student will learn use Conditions paths, Boolean logic, loops and many more.

Skills Developed

Develop 21st Century, Digital & Employability Skills like Logical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Computational Thinking, Scripting and Coding Skills through Real-world Projects, gain proficiency in operating Digital Tools used by Industry Professionals.


The kid gets to learn to make some real-world game, app etc and at the end of the course, they’ll get a STEM Accredited certificate.

How is it conducted

Instructor-led Live 1:1 Interactive Classes, gamified and flexible learning

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