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MindBox Multimedia Design Program

MindBox Multimedia Design Program

Creativity – Visualization – Imagination, this Multimedia design summer camp for kids has it all. This course will help the kids to edit audio and videos and create their own shorts or videos etc. As a part of the curriculum, the kids will learn to build 2D animations. Time to start creating.

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  • Audacity (14 to 18 years)
  • Open Shot (14 to 18 years)

Learning Outcomes

  • Image Adjustments, Hue, and Saturation
  • Brightness and Contrast, Selection tools
  • Image compositions, Image enhancement
  • Heal and Scratch Remover tool
  • Clone tool, Audio Recording, Podcasts
  • Audio Editing, Noise Reduction
  • Script Writing and Storyboard
  • Narration and Content generation
  • Video Editing, Creating VLOG

Skills Developed

Develop 21st Century, Digital & Employability Skills like Logical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Computational Thinking and Scripting through Real-world Projects. Gain proficiency in operating Digital Tools used by Industry Professionals.


At the end of the course, kid earn a STEM Accredited certificate and learns to make their own videos and vlogs.

How is it conducted

Instructor-led Live 1:1 Interactive Classes, gamified and flexible learning

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