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Melio September All Rounder Cup

Melio September All Rounder Cup

The Melio All-Rounder Cup is a monthly e-competition that tests six skills – spelling bee, public speaking, speed math, GK quiz, storytelling and filmy dance. Each challenge has a qualifier round and a final round, and these challenges are conducted LIVE! Participants stand a chance to win worth 3 Lakhs among other exciting prizes and gain a lot of experience while having fun. And parents, over 5000+ students, from across 300+ schools and 10+ countries have competed previously on the Melio global platform!

Participants can choose to participate in multiple exciting live challenges:

  1. Spelling Bee – Competing in the spelling bee challenge helps children improve their spelling, enhance their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop a strong understanding of the English language.
  2. Public Speaking – The public speaking challenge is an opportunity to showcase the ability to craft great speeches on topic & wow the judges with speech delivery, expressions, intonation, body language and use of vocabulary.
  3. Speed Math – The speed Math challenge put your mental math skills to the test, experience in which helps makes one sharper and builds on problem solving abilities.
  4. GK Quiz – The GK quiz is not only about remembering facts & information but also about accessing the right information, at the right time, by making the right connections. Quizzing as a skill helps in retaining vast amounts of information, it builds confidence and enhances one’s concentration.
  5. Storytelling – The art of storytelling can be used to influence, teach, and inspire others. The storytelling challenge will help kids build connections among people, and between people and ideas.
  6. Filmy Dance – The filmy dance challenge is all about letting kids express themselves through movement. Overall, dance helps bolster physical and mental health by enabling kids to improve posture and flexibility, lift their mood and ease anxiety.