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Mastering Penmanship

Mastering Penmanship

Worried about your child’s handwriting? Mastering Penmanship is a 3-day, power packed workshop on handwriting! Handwriting is beyond good and bad. There are scientific elements to understand and a lot to discover. In this interactive workshop, you will get to learn the science behind choosing a right pen or pencil, learn hand exercises for stress free writing and finger flexion exercises for speed writing, explore the ergonomics of writing and discover the current speed of your writing. Parents, important queries will be discussed as well such as: if your child is not interested in writing, if they complain about hand pain after just a few lines of writing and more.

About Facilitator

Imran Baig is a penmanship influencer, a passionate educator and an author. His mission is to make 1 million people fall in love with writing and support them in forging their future using the power of the pen. Imran firmly believes that “the power to change our life is inside of us not outside” and having spent more than 2 decades being the student of human behaviour & mind dynamics, he has discovered that writing is the closest possible tool which gives us a direct access to our mind. In fact, it is this that made him fall in love with the science of handwriting. With 17 years of experience; his journey continues to make people fall in love with the power of the pen!