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Shlokas Made Fun – Shiva Edition

Shlokas Made Fun – Shiva Edition

The Little Desi Shop’s Shlokas Made Fun Workshop is here. This will be an online interactive workshop where the little ones can learn the Shiva Panchaksharam in the most engaging way. With great stories and anecdotes, find out where Shiva lives – on Kailash or in our hearts and more such interesting things! And that’s not all, with games, activities and art, it’s an opportunity to get to know Shiva deep within. Let’s introduce children to our timeless wisdom filled with profound values in the most fun way possible!

Benefits of Chanting

  • Improved concentration and creativity
  • Clarity in speech
  • Reducing anger
  • Invoking courage
  • Channelizing energy

About Little Desi Shop

The Little Desi Shop creates fun and inspiring desi things for kids. They have been conducting Shloka and story workshops for Indian children in USA, UK, Singapore and other countries across the globe. Indian wisdom is extremely precious and can be made interesting to children and teens through interactive workshops where they get to learn important life skills and human values. The workshop will be conducted by Priya Subramanian – author and ideator of ‘The Little Shloka Book’ and Varsha Manish who is a life-skills trainer specialising in children and teens.


Limited seats! Register Today! Call +91-9945003337 for more details