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Learnifii Online Debating Course for Kids

Learnifii Online Debating Course for Kids

Debating teaches kids a lot of skills that are relevant and important in their lives. Debating is an art and a skill that brings out the greatest leaders of all time. In the Learnifii online debating course, kids will learn how to build command over the language, understand and develop research skills, debating skills, improvise communication skills and build the confidence to speak among people.

Note: This program is conducted by team Learnifii

25 sessions in the course cover topics

  • Topic 1: Public Speaking
  • Topic 2: Body Language
  • Topic 3: Describing an event
  • Topic 4: Debating
  • Topic 5: Impromptu Speaking
  • Topic 6: Mock Debate
  • Topic 7: Final Debate


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