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Jungle Painting – In the Style of Henri Rousseau

Jungle Painting – In the Style of Henri Rousseau

Do your kids love paintings? Then they’re really going to be interested in this! This 6 days workshop for kids inspired by artist Henri Rousseau “Tropical forest”. Children will be familiar with Rousseau life & art. They will create rain forest painting inspired by his works. His works involved studying exotic plants and animals in biological gardens & Zoo.

Henri is the French post-impressionist painter and worked as toll collector in Paris. Job provided support to his family and time to purse his art passion. While working in tollgates suburbs of Paris he filled many notebooks with sketches from nature. During the last months before his death, Henri painted Tropical forest with Monkeys. This work of his had lush plants looked like surrounded by exotic animals. These animals in the painting were mix of reality and imagination.

What children will learn in this workshop

  • Children will understand what is foreground, middle ground, background & horizon line. Having reference to painting children will discuss types of animals to include in their artwork. Studying Henri’s Jungle scene, stylised drawing and repeated shapes.
  • Learn how to compose the scene by sketching plants and animals. Creating dense jungle scene with animals in middle ground. Grass, leaves & flowers to background.
  • Learning to create stylised drawing. Using simple shapes and combine with watercolors to create value & depth.
  • Children will learn how to create variety of greens by mixing paint. Creating darker shades when added blue or black or yellow to create lighter tint.

Materials required

A3 Size paper or sketch book, Pencil, Eraser, Poster color or watercolor


To register for the workshop, call at +91-9945003337