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instrucko’s Public Speaking Program

instrucko’s Public Speaking Program

instrucko, an international leader in educational technology,  brings to you Public Speaking Program for kids. The course will include various aspects of public speaking and communication skills. The content has been created by experts from University of Oxford, IIT and IIM and focuses on holistic development. The lessons are digitised, animated and gamified with clear learning objectives.

Course Structure

  1. Learn the art of persuasion
  2. Improve your debating and negotiating skills with live examples
  3. Improve presentation and posture
  4. Capture the audience’s attention
  5. Overcoming the fear of public speaking and developing great delivery

Learning Outcome

  1. Improved communication and critical thinking skills
  2. Improved Vocal projections, Intonation, Eye contact & Body language
  3. Effective Speech Delivery
  4. Strong leadership qualities, self-confidence and growth mind-set
  5. Networking opportunities with learners from around the world

About instrucko

instrucko is an international leader in educational technology that delivers online one-to-one and group lessons across a range of academic disciplines to children aged 3-15 years. Instrucko specializes in teaching online classes by Cambridge certified teachers from India as well as native speakers.