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Impact Jr by Cilre

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Impact Jr by Cilre

At Impact Jr by Cilre, We set a stage for the children to explore their self-awareness and artistic skills, act out their imagination, fine-tune their communication and social skills.

Children will write screenplay and dialogues, Perform Mimes, Mono acting, Dubbing, Design Makeup and Costume, Explore the usage of Space usage, Stage design, Props making, Lighting and Sound Effects, Make Trailers, Ads, Publicity, and Marketing, Learn about History, different forms of theater and world theater. All this while having frolicking fun.


In this session, children are introduced to the world of theater through some fun activities, crafts, and games. The objective is to familiarize them with the different aspects of theater and make them comfortable with each other to set the stage for the following sessions.

Scene creation and Introduction to Setting

In this session, children work on making a set of their own and exploring how settings to aid in the play. Then, they will engage in many activities to understand how stories are broken down into scenes; they will create a storyboard in this context too.

Dialogues, Costumes and Characterization

In this session, children will engage in hands-on activities to move further with their story and play by learning to work and develop their characters. They will learn dialogue writing and costume designing by digging deeper into the characters and understanding that they experience and depict emotions.

Action, Mime, and Costuming

In this session, children will have a fun time dressing up and engaging in bringing their characters to life. They will try their hand at miming to improve their acting skills and start seeing how they all come together.

Setting and Dialogue Rehearsal

In this session, children will explore designing a setting and a backdrop for their play by working in groups and brainstorming ideas, and then executing them. Further, they will work more on their character development and dialogue delivery in order to prepare for their final performance.

Advertisement and Rehearsal (adding movement to Dialogue Delivery)

This session onwards, children start rehearsing for their final performance by working more on their movement, delivery and character development. The practising is interspersed with fun games and activities that help energize as well as aid in taking the performance towards its realization. They will also learn how to advertise a play and try it out themselves too.

Voice Modulation and Rehearsal

In this session, children rehearse and focus more on voice modulation to enhance their performance. They will also play games to bond better with each other and work better as a team. Finally, they will make an invitation card to invite their family for the performance.

Rehearsal and Trailer Making

In this session, children will complete any pending work with regards to prop making and will do a full rehearsal of the play. This will be followed by a light-hearted, fun activity where they will create a trailer for their play, to build curiosity about it.

Rehearsal – Costuming and Make-Up

In this session, children will explore face painting as a form of make up and how it can help them in their play. They will try it out on themselves and then move on to do a full fledged rehearsal with costumes, props and backdrop in place.


This is the final session during which the children will showcase their play to everyone by using the information and knowledge that they have gathered through the program.
The program will be wrapped up with a reflection on the performance in order to help the children become mindful and reflect.

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Program Schedule

Batches available for Age groups: 6 to 10 yrs

New batches starting on:

22 Mar 2021 | 17 May 2021

Flexi Class available on Request

Workshop Schedule: Age group: 6 to 10 yrs

  • 22 March to 26 March: 3:15 pm
  • 29 Mach to 2 April: 3:15 pm
  • 17 May to 21 May: 3:15 pm
  • 24 May to 28 May: 3:15 pm