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Harry Potter Themed Speech and Drama Program

Harry Potter Themed Speech and Drama Program

Raell Padamsee’s ACE presents a spellbinding Speech & Drama program around the theme of Harry Potter, which will help take your kids’ skills to the next level. In this module, they’ll embark on a magical adventure to find the Sorcerer’s Stone through the grand hallways of Hogwarts with mime, they will create their own Hogwarts uniforms & magical accessories, and with a little ‘swish and flick’ of the wands, kids will bring alive the characters of the wizarding world through their acting skills.

All this and more with an educational twist as you set your home stages alive. Each child will get a Certificate of Participation from Raell Padamsee’s Academy for Creative Expression after successfully completing their virtual, interactive and inclusive performance for parents on the last day.

What kids will learn?

  • Mime – Acting without speaking
  • Creating costume and props
  • Creating their own mesmerizing spells
  • Debates
  • ACE FFT – ACE Free Flowing Thought
  • Improv Plus (Acting out scenes on the spot)
  • ACE MRR – ACE Mirror, Rehearse, Record
  • ACE TSP – Thinking, Sharing, Performing Teams
  • ACC – ACE Creative Crew (A skill driven club for excellence)
  • Exciting Theatre games