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Frozen Speech & Drama Online Program

Frozen Speech & Drama Workshop

Raell Padamsee’s Ace presents Frozen – A Speech and Drama online workshop. The workshop has an all new module that will take your kids to the land of Arendelle as they explore everything that is “Frozen”. There are many fun things to do and learn in the workshop, like act like your favourite Frozen character (pick from Elsa, Anna Kristoff and the charming snowman Olaf), where your kids can act, dress or just have fun in scenes with them as the STAR! From Elsa’s magical powers to being a loyal reindeer, Sven, this drama based workshop will get your kids’ acting skills refined and their creative skills enhanced but more importantly they will have to save Arendelle from an eternal winter. The course also includes a certificate and a virtual performance.

What Children will learn

  • Enacting extracts from the Movie
  • Drama exercises that involve performance skills
  • ACE FFT – ACE Free Flowing Thought
  • Improv Plus (Acting out scenes on the spot)
  • ACE MRR – ACE Mirror, Rehearse, Record
  • Theatre games
  • Analysis of characters.