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Dreamin Design Summer Program

Dreamin Design Summer Program

Join the Club for Creative, Constructive and Curious Dreamers. Register now for the ‘Dreamin’ Summer of Design Camp by Design Barn for 9 to 13 year olds! Participants will learn core design values and develop an early foundation for creative concepts and skills. They will be encouraged to develop their own dream project and make it from start to finish.

  • Online Live Studio: Log in from anywhere. Connect with other kids.
  • Work on Dream Project: Develop your own project and take it from start to finish.
  • Learn Creative Tools: Learn easy-to-use creative tools that build your skills
  • Engage with Creative Practitioners: Get mentored by designers and experts in their field.

Core Design Values

  • Empathy: Engage. Relate. Empathize and become dreamcatchers.
  • Curiosity: Build a curious mind and challenge the givens.
  • Creativity: Fire up the imagination and find a unique creative expression. Power up conceptually and express boldly.
  • Play: Make and break. Invent and reinvent!
  • Expression: Bring alive your ideas evocatively, with strong conviction and expression.

Core Creative Skills

  • Design Discovery: Design Research | Dreamcatching
  • Visual Design: Design Basics | Communication Design
  • Digital Design: Website Design/ App Design
  • Filmmaking: Storyboarding / Video Shooting / Video Editing
  • Theatre Storytelling: Role Playing | Body Storming