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Unlock Your Emotional Superpower

Unlock Your Emotional Superpower

Unlock Your Emotional Superpower online program for kids 7 to 12 years by CueKids! In this course, your kids will be working with and on their emotions. Through lots of interactive activities, games, role-plays and craftwork, kids will be able to be able to understand, comprehend, and tackle their emotions and thus become more emotionally intelligent. And what is more, each session has been carefully designed so that all children get maximum chance to participate and learn concepts for a lifetime – designed by specialists in the subject of psychology and nonverbal communication. In this high activity-based fun-filled online course, kids will learn to understand their own emotions well, connect better with their friends, relate with feelings of parents and learn body language techniques to become emotionally intelligent.

What Kids will learn?

  • Understand their own emotions well
  • Be able to connect better with their friends
  • Relate with feelings of parents
  • Learn body language techniques to become emotionally intelligent

About CueKids

CueKids specializes in skill-building programs for children by focusing on body language techniques. The parent company is Simply Body Talk which has an international presence in the niche segment of nonverbal communication since 2013. The content for all programs of CueKids is developed by the body language specialists of Simply Body Talk.