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Creative Writing Budding Author Jr.

Creative Writing Budding Author Jr.

In this modern world, most of our day-to-day activities are planned and programmed. But creative writing is like a breath of fresh air that gives our kids the chance to think openly, develop fresh thoughts and broaden their perspective while stimulating the imagination. It allows children to choose, have opinions and develop their own voice while build logical skills. This creative writing program for budding authors spans across 3 modules and 10 sessions and aims at developing English Language skills complementing it with games, reviews and a fun-loving environment. Kids will learn poems, prose and blogs, persuasive situational writing and more.

Your child will learn

Your child will learn through a comprehensive course that spreads across academic skills (reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary development) and creative writing (prose, poetry, blog) genres. The complete course for your kid comprises 72 sessions as given below:

  • Prose – Sory Writing – Different genres of prose are covered including fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, unfinished ending, visual story sequencing. – 10 sessions
  • Poetry Writing – Different types of poems are covered including rhyme, alternate rhyme patterns, free verse, illustration, narrative, alliteration, tongue twisters, Haiku, sonnet – 10 sessions
  • Blog Writing – Blogging is the most appealing platform for a writer of today and bloggers can write on a wide variety of subjects. In this this topic will touch upon book reviews, movie/series reviews, food- restaurant blogs, music blogs – favourite artist, health blogs, fitness blogs, and travel blogs. – 10 sessions
  • Reading Comprehension – covers the academic course which spans across basic reading and deciphering skills, the main idea supporting details, Inference, conclusion, critical thinking strategies, event sequencing, and cause and effect relationship. – 10 sessions
  • Essay + Letter Writing – narrative, descriptive, argument-based, and current affair topics – 10 sessions
  • Grammar – will include nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, punctuation, prepositions, similes, idioms, metaphors, degrees of comparison, and root words. – 14 sessions
  • The review sessions at the end of each module will have a summary of the 8 previous sessions. This session provides a platform for the kids to select, write and present their creative writing talent. Also, every 8th session feedback will be provided about the student and emailed to the parents. – 8 sessions

Your child will demonstrate

Children will be able to ideate and articulate creative thoughts. Their comprehension will be enhanced & by the end of the program, they will be acquainted with different types of writing styles namely: descriptive, narrative, expository, and imaginative compositions. This program will sharpen and strengthen their vocabulary which will improve their language and communication skills.

How to prepare

This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.