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Cheriyal Mask Making: Paper Mache Workshop for Kids

Cheriyal Mask Making: Paper Mache Workshop for Kids

Get hands-on in this fun, Paper Mache workshop on Cheriyal Mask Making for kids. It’s interactive and an inexpensive way for children to create a variety of sculptures as they learn and discuss history, origin and basics of sculptures. It can get a bit messy, but that’s what makes it even more exciting for the kids. In this workshop, not only will they learn how make these masterpieces, but will also learn about the rich culture & tradition of Telengana, Cheriyal masks and painting which is an art form that has been a part of an over 400 year old tradition of storytelling.

About Cheriyal Mask

Cheriyal is the town located 100 kilometre away from Hyderabad in the state of Telengana in India, which is know for colorful scroll painting & masks. Traditionally these masks are made of Coconut Shells, Tamarind Seeds and wood sawdust. Natural colors like Red, Blue and Yellow are the paints used for creating these masterpieces. As a part of their paintings and masks, craftsmen create characters like goddesses, brides & grooms, demons and mythological characters.

What children will learn in this workshop

  • The fundamentals and build objects from Paper Mache.
  • Understand the basics of Paper Mache sculpture.
  • Create Paper Mache mask.
  • How to have lots of ideas for your own Paper Mache project.


Lots of old newspapers, Balloon, PVA glue (Fevicol 250gms), Acrylic paints & brush.


To register for the workshop write to buzzingbubsindia@gmail.com or call at +91-9945003337