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BrainArt Visual Art Classes – Demo Class

BrainArt Visual Art Classes – Demo Class

Art is a major component of a child’s life and visual art helps build their creative thinking, language development, problem-solving and other essential skills. In the BrainArt Visual Art Classes for children, kids will be able to learn and explore the world of Visual Arts. The online art class topics and lesson plans are designed to help children understand the different elements of art & its various techniques. The workshop will also include activities that will aid in developing your kids’ problem-solving skills, eye-hand coordination and more as they work with art materials.

The online classes will also help kids understand and appreciate visual art – they will analyse art using the method (technique) & materials used, thereby allowing themselves to make connections to the context of art & interactions of societies. Developing this skill will help kids to understand artists, history, art movements, critically analyse art forms & culture and more.

Key points

  • The topic covered will be positive & negative space
  • Online classes will be conducted on ZOOM APP
  • Class will be recorded and will be shared in the Google classroom
  • Once each topic worksheet is complete, it will be shared with children in the Google classroom

Materials required

The students will require the following material for the workshop: A4 paper or sketch book, pencil, eraser, color pencil or oil pastels or wax crayons

Netiquette Rules for Online Participants

  • Keep yourself on mute when joining the workshop.
  • Come prepared with supplies as mentioned for this workshop.
  • Be kind, polite, and courteous to others.
  • Be respectful of participants & teachers
  • Stay on topic and make clear and brief points.

Terms and condition

  • This is a DEMO art class to give insight of our classroom & how the classes are conduced.
  • Registration is mandatory for all the participants. Registration closes on 10th September 4:00pm
  • Once you register, you will receive login credentials for the DEMO class on registered email ID.
  • Join 10 minutes before the workshop starts.