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Brainart Visual Art & Craft Workshop for Kids 5 – 7 yrs

Brainart Visual Art & Craft Workshop

Visual Art is important for children and the summer visual art & craft workshop by BrainArt is going to help them develop there fine motor skills, cognitive thinking & expression through art. It will help them connect, identify and construct their cultural identities as well. The course is creative and stimulating as the kids will be encouraged to enjoy and experiment with various colors and media which they can use to express their feelings. The modules are designed to help children understand various art elements & techniques with emphasis on color theory, patterns & craft.

Children will learn about french artist Robert Delaunay, Alice In Wonderland inspired Mary Cassatt Stacked tea cups, primary to secondary colors and more. There will be a common thread throughout each course, from line to color to 3D. They will work towards a different theme each half term, using a range of materials to produce the final piece.

PS: The entire course is divided into 3 modules. Each module comprises of 10 classes / 2 classes per week. Price per module is Rs.1800/- per participant

What kids will learn in each module

Module 1 | Art & Origami

  1. Resist Effect
  2. Texture with salt
  3. Paper cutting & folding
  4. Origami
  5. Tribal Art of India, WARLI

Module 2 | Colors and Shapes

  1. Mary Blair’s Disney’s Castle
  2. Paper Butterfly Hand puppet (Craft activity)
  3. Finger printing: Doodles and Poodles
  4. Cotton swab painting
  5. Ted Harrison’s “Northern Landscapes”

Module 3 | Color Theory, Patterns & Craft

  1. Make an Adorable Origami Doll House
  2. Chameleons-Primary colors to secondary colors
  3. Introduction to French artist Robert Delaunay.
  4. Introduction to Mary Cassatt (Stacked Teacup)


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