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Paper Cutout Stop Motion Workshop

Paper Cutout Stop Motion Workshop

You can make magic with paper and this Paper Cutout Stop Motion Workshop by BrainArt will teach your kids to do just that! This is 10 days, super fun stop motion animation workshop is for kids 8 years and above and for all those who want learn how to create their very own stop motion videos. Participants will be introduced to the world of paper cutout stop motion animation through an engaging course, that will cover the basics of paper cutout animation. Children will also learn about creating paper puppets, props for animation and paid special features like erase, green screen & manual camera setup will be explained as well. Classes will be conducted via Zoom and the workshop will be recorded and shared with participants.

What will you learn in this course

  • Stop Motion History – how and when all stop motion animation begin?
  • Introduction to Software – tools and setting
  • Storyboarding
  • What is Object Animation
  • Paper Cutout Animation – how to create puppets with moveable parts
  • Animating puppet with software
  • Adding depth in 2D animation (Introduction only)

Materials Required

To shoot/ Record: Phone or Tablet which can access Apple / PlayStore
Toy, Crafts, Tripod or Stand to keep the device still.

For Paper Cutout Puppets: 
Chart paper or ivory sheets (A3), Electrical wire (which has thin copper wire), Pencil, Scale, Eraser, Paint, Color pencil, Scissor & Glue


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