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Botany Workshop by The Little Thinkers Lab

Botany Workshop

The Little Thinkers Lab presents “Botany Workshop” – a fun session for budding young botanists! To help the youngest generation discover the world of plants at the workshop, participants will get a chance to explore and play. The kids will learn about various topics and will perform experiments to understand different concepts. They will be working with materials from home and from the neighbourhood like leaves, seeds, small plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables that can be easily found. They will also receive an after-session Journal to complete which will include tasks to complete by going on nature visits.

What Jr Botanist (Ages 5-9) will learn:

  • Learn about the basics of the plant.
  • Teaching kids where food comes from
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Do seeds need light to grow?
  • How leaves breathe
  • How leaves get water
  • Why do leaves change colours?
  • Gardening do-a-dot printables
  • Leaf rubbings book
  • Dyeing flowers
  • Dissecting flowers
  • Vegetables