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Bhagvat Gita for Children

Bhagvat Gita for Children

“Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfilment of your desires” – Bhagavat Gita. Raising a child to the best of our abilities is the biggest service for humanity. Join this workshop and engage in Stories that teach principles of Bhagvat Gita to children with fundamental life practices, games, and activities. Sharing transformative stories from the holy scriptures and making it relevant in today’s times.

The workshop will be facilitated by Jyotika Bedi (Founder Happiness is love & Happyologist) with trainer Alma Dhingra (Storyteller and Present Moment Practitioner)

Workshop Schedule

  • Day 1 :- The Power of Concentration
    We don’t get results, and we get upset about it. But do you know the right way of doing things, according to Gita? Listen to a story and let me know what you would do?
  • Day 2:- Mr truthful
    How much truth is required for being truthful? Does it mean bad-mouthing others’ mistakes and pretending we are right? Listen to the story and decide how much truth is good for you.
  • Day 3 :- Wise Advice
    We often make decisions based on fear, and we transmit our fears to our kids. Learn how Lord Krishna taught Arjuna to make wise decisions on the battlefield—followed by finding situation-based solutions for a given problem.
  • Day 4 :- Greed or hunger
    Humans always want more, look at birds how they collect their food everyday and never save it for the next day. Hear an incredible story and take up a challenge.
  • Day 5 :- How to win in life?
    Karna was a fine example of a courageous fighter. He did everything with great love though he made a few mistakes that led him to the well of death. Hear about his bravery and skill sets and learn from his mistakes.


For any further details or to register for the workshop, call at +91-9873066658