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Bengal Folk Art Workshop: Jamini Roy Style

Bengal Folk Art Workshop: Jamini Roy Style

In this 6 days fun workshop, children will explore Bengal Folk art and style of Jamini Roy using flat colors. Indian artist best known for combining traditional Indian & western art style. He created unique & complex works. His work has influence of Bengal School of Art. He used bold & sweeping strokes. His works also depict everyday life in rural Bengal.
Most of the painting he did in oil painting. Jamini Roy paintings clearly focus on the subject, but can be classified as abstract. All paintings he used flat color using more motifs & pattern less of perspective.

What Kids will Learn?

Introduction to Jamini Roy and his other paintings.
  • Explore is Bengal folk Art.
  • How shapes & figures are different than other forms of folk art.
  • Using flat colors and bold brush strokes to create patterns.
  • Children will learning about Jamini Roy style Indian Folk Art & Motifs.

Materials Required

A3 Paper or Sketch Book, Pencil, Eraser, Scale, Poster or Acrylic Colors


To register for the workshop click the button below or call at +91-9945003337