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3D Design Camp – Tinkercad

3D Design Camp – Tinkercad

The 3D Design Camp – Tinkercad is an introductory 3D modelling camp for kids where they’ll learn to build fun and exciting 3D models from Scratch using Autodesk’s TinkerCAD.

TinkerCad is a free, browser-based, 3D modelling system created by Autodesk, Inc. It uses the idea of constructive solid geometry, where complex structures can be created by adding and subtracting other basic shape building blocks. Kids and teens alike find TinkerCad’s interface intuitive to create complex structures like toys, vehicles, and buildings. In this workshop they be able to create using their own structures and print them with a 3D printer for personal use!

Topics to be covered

  • Creating simple 3D shapes
  • Adding and subtracting shapes
  • Resizing and Scaling
  • Importing designs
  • Creating Patterns and Tilings
  • Creating Holes
  • And Fun models