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About Mum-entos

They say memories last forever, so even though our little ones will grow up, and all those good, bad and simply mundane yet joyful moments will be gone, the treasures of those memories will always remain in our hearts. And once you do get a chance to breathe again (yes, it’s a rare moment when they’re not crying or swinging and threatening their own lives while playing), you would want to take a deep breath and wish you could bring it all back!

About Mum-entos

Before I became a parent myself, I became a parent by proxy to a darling little daughter born to my elder sister. She was the first baby in the family, and everything she did was a ‘first’ and we all had our fair share of stories to share. For my niece’s ‘first’ birthday, I made a memory blanket for her – made from all the cute dresses she had worn, her bibs, her bathing towel and her saliva-soaked favourite bunny. It soon became the centre of many conversations & bedtime stories each night, with many of them starting with “do you remember…?”

Life was an even more thrilling roller coaster ride after I had my own baby. I’ve been a fashion designer far longer than I’ve been a mother, but the learning curve on the latter job has been way steeper! One thing I’ve found is that nothing compensates for the time spent with my child, watching him grow day by day and I’m pretty sure I’ll forget the days, but I sure won’t forget the ‘moments’.

The idea of starting ‘Mum-entos’ was conceived when some of my sisters’ friends expressed interest in getting something similar made for their little ones. It took a leap of faith, but here I am – on my first adventure as an entrepreneur.

What we do

Handcrafting keepsakes like toys, cushions, and blankets from those treasured clothes that little ones wear and outgrow oh-so-fast has given me a way of connecting with fellow parents who tell me stories of their children. The personalized creations are a lasting way of preserving all those cherished memories and stories from our special moments during parenthood. Adding a name, birth date, along with those ‘first’ milestones of the child makes each piece truly unique. Whether as souvenirs or as gifts for friends and family, the smiles Mum-entos spreads gives me the energy I need to go forward in this endeavor.

I invite you to accompany Mum-entos on its journey of bringing more smiles to fellow parents.