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YouTube Champ Camp with Coach Cyrus Broacha

YouTube Champ Camp with Coach Cyrus Broacha

Learn the art of content creation with none other than Coach Cyrus Broacha. Register for the YouTube Champ Camp created for a generation of kids who are native to social media. The program is designed to help them channelise their creativity and knowledge as new-age content creators. This means, they will not only learn to successfully launch and run their own YouTube channel, but also pick up life skills that are necessary for their all-round development. To help your kids learn from the best, this workshop has on board with the legendary Cyrus Broacha to take them on a rollicking 12-session journey, that’s loaded with hands-on, project-based learning and tons of laughter.

Skills Developed: Presentation Skills, Creative Thinking, Self-Confidence, Discipline, Collaboration


Book a FREE Demo Class now! Write to us for more details or reach out at +91-9945003337. BuzzingBubs subscribers get an additional Rs.500/- discount, don’t forget to get the coupon code.

Course Curriculum

  • Session 1: Introduction & Making your first video
  • Session 2: Basics of shooting & editing
  • Session 3-10: Introduction to popular content formats and creating videos for each format
  • Session 11: Keep the content machine chugging
  • Session 12: Course Summary

Key Learnings

  • Basics of video production & editing
  • Creating videos in different formats
  • Practical hacks from expert content creators
  • Visual storytelling & communication
  • Youtube channel setup & management