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WOW! Thinkers

About WOW! Thinkers

WOW! Thinkers encourage children to study harder, practice longer and do better at school, sports, dance and art. But how many parents & schools encourage children to think differently, find new solutions and innovate? Children are inherently creative but due to the standardized delivery of school education they gradually loose touch with this critical skill. At Wow children are provided a stress free, fun but encouraging atmosphere. The interactive, stimulating activities and games help children break away from their set pattern of thinking. They learn to think of multiple perspectives. Children learn to expand their existing knowledge and stretch the boundaries in their visual and verbal thinking.

Classes offered at WOW! Thinkers

Learning & Development
✓ Creativity✓ Creative Problem Solving✓ Creative Thinking✓ Creative Writing
Age group
8 yrs +
What kids learn
​During the workshop students take part in Verbal, Visual and Kinesthetic S.T.E.M activities. Children are encouraged to think outside the box, learn to design, create and think innovatively.
Class size
Upto 10 students
Student teacher ratio
1 : 10
2 hours
All materials are provided within the class
Rs. 1400/- per month
How to register
You can register either by calling them or by emailing them.