13 shops that sell beautiful wooden toys for children

13 shops that sell beautiful wooden toys for children Cover Image

Environmentally friendly and good for your kids too, wooden toys are here to stay. Here are some excellent toy makers that you simply must check out.

In a world that’s bogged down by plastic toys, wooden toys are open-ended, stimulating and also bring the outside world right into the play room.

Noticed something about our children’s dolls and toys? There is an abundance of plastic, flashing lights, buttons, playbacks and gimmickry. Don’t get us wrong, we all love Disney and Mattel but whatever happened to handcrafted dolls and toys? Everything is handed to a child on a platter and every toy is bogged down by a sense of excess.

This is where wooden toys are invaluable. These dolls have irony, quirkiness, a history, a future and leave so much to a child’s imagination.

Fascinating makers of  wooden toys for children

1. Varnam: Tipu’s Toys


Handcrafted with tremendous skill, Varnam puts its unique and quirky stamp on traditional Channapatna toys. The wood used, wrightia tinctoria, is completely safe and known for its medicinal values. Designed to take us back to happy childhood in the lap of nature, the Varnam toy family includes Arfee the Girraffe, Miss Moo the Cow and the Oinkstons family (pull-toy).

What we like:

  • Arjuna’s challenge
  • The stacking game
  • ‘A Little Bit Round,’ a game that consists of over 65 wooden pieces of different shapes, all of which can be used to make different shapes on the floor — cows, flowers, you name it.
  • The Frogu sharpeners

Age group: 2 to 8 years

2. Skola


Skola has an astonishing range of educational toys, toys that make learning fun and also look so beautiful. Skola’s wooden toys are a treat to look at, play with and to touch. From lockboxes to cascading cars, these toys are richly multisensorial – satisfying to touch, with their natural ‘clickety clack’ sounds perfect for triggering all the senses .

What we like:

  • The sliding cars and the Skola sand pendulum.
  • All the toys come in lovely Skola doodle boxes. They can doodle or color on it!

Age group: 1 to 6 years
Image courtesy: Web Site

3. Shumee


Made by very creative mothers, Shumee offers non-toxic wooden toys that are fun, imaginative and also offer great value for money. Design is a great way to get children to think and at Shumee, toys open windows of learning in a child.

What we love:

  • The little wooden rocking horse
  • Their beautiful wooden building blocks
  • The aeroplane jigsaw
  • Their genius product: the India blocks.

Age group: 0 to 12 years
Image courtesy: Facebook page

4. Kavade Toyhive


Known for its fantastic range of traditional Indian games and toys for children, Kavade pretty much changed the landscape of toys in the city. Kavade brings creativity and intelligence to all its products.

What we like:

  • The wooden tic tac toe!

Age group: 2 to 12 years
Image courtesy: Web site

5. Aatike


From movable animals and automobiles to rattles and teethers, Aatike has some beautiful wooden toys for children. Their wooden buses and cars look just like the ones we used to pull and play with as children!

What we like: 

  • The traditional kitchen set
  • The dominoes
  • The animals.

Age group: 2 to 8 years
Image courtesy: Web Site

6. Sutradhar


One of Bangalore’s absolute treasures, Sutradhar houses some of the most beautiful toys, educational aids, Montessori material and games. Trust us, if you visit Sutradhar, you wouldn’t want to leave, whether you are a parent or a child! Sutradhar is also wonderful for teachers and educationists.

What we like: 

  • Their puzzles
  • Puppets
  • Math toys
  • Fantastic range of  pull-along toys and games.

Age group: 2 to 15 years
Image courtesy: Web Site

7. Maya Organic


Maya Organic is an NGO that fosters artisans, workers and micro-entrepreneurs capable of producing high quality wooden products. They have a huge variety of wooden Channapatna toys for children, including wooden toys for children as old as 12! Check out their range of sensorial toys, stackers, puzzles and more.

What we like:

  • The stitching board
  • Beautiful wooden animals.

Age group: 2 to 8 years
Image courtesy: Facebook page

8. Only Wood


Only Wood makes toys that aid important cognitive, social and emotional development in children. Safe, eco-freindly and handmade, these dolls and toys are richly multisensorial and engage a child’s makebelieve world in truly wonderful ways.

What we like:

  • Their nesting dolls
  • Beautiful rattles.

Age group: 0 to 6 years
Image courtesy: Website

9. My Little Bookshop


Founded by Waldorf educationist Divya B.A., My Little Bookshop makes beautiful wooden, open-ended dolls and toys. While you’re at it, do check out her book collection too!

What we like:

  • The wooden block prints
  • Wooden balance cycle
  • The four-wheel baby bike.

Age group: 0 to 7 years
Image courtesy: Web site

10. Child’s Day Educational Aids


Archana Ravindra Palahalli, a passionate Montessorian, makes Montessori material and other wooden toys at Child’s Day.

What we like: 

  • Their wooden boat, which also teaches science
  • The clothesline wooden set
  • Their wooden story model of the thirsty crow.

Age group: 1 to 8 years
Image courtesy: Facebook page

11. Playthings


Playthings wants to take our children back to a more beautiful childhod, with its simplicity and its love of natural things. Playthings makes traditional toys, unique toys and more.

What we like:

  •  Their pull-along toys
  •  Their merry go round set!

Age group: 1 to 8 years
Image courtesy: Facebook page

12. Channa Toys


Started in 2014 with the aim of bringing traditional and classic toys to children’s play rooms, Channa Toys brings the beauty, grandeur and creativity of Channapatna to children. You can now buy these beautiful Channapatna toys online! Chances are that you may get dolls from many of the other brands mentioned here through this web site.

What we like: 

  •  Their wooden Rubik’s cube
  • Dancing giraffe
  • Their aeroplane

Age group: 0 to 11 years
Image courtesy: Web site

13. India Wooden Toys


India Wooden toys is an online shop that sells beautiful wooden toys, craft and art pieces. Beautifully handcrafted, each toll or doy is a collector’s item in itself.

What we like:

  • Their majestic and detailed wooden toy ships

Age group: 2 to 10 years
Image courtesy: Facebook page

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