Winter Camps and Events for Kids in Bangalore

Winter Camps and Events for Kids in Bangalore Cover Image

Excited about the Winter holidays but anxious to keep your child occupied? We’ve curated best Winter camps and events to keep your kids and the entire family happy.

Are you all geared up for the winter holidays? As we snuggle up and reflect on the year gone by, the kids are still raring to go! If the festivities don’t excite you then keep engaged with the best winter camps and events for kids in Bangalore. It’s a great way to learn a new skill, indulge in a hobby and end the year with a bang! The holidays can be fun and full of learning too.

Bangalore is hosting some wonderful winter camps and events for kids across various locations. From art workshops, nature camps to lego and robotics, the camps cover a wide-range of activities and interests for your children to hone their talents and have some fun this winter holidays.

So, go on, check out the list below and choose the best Winter Camps or Events for your kids.

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.

The British Council Holiday Camp 2019 Cover Image

1 The British Council Holiday Camp 2019

The British Council is back and this time they’re making your holiday’s very special. If you’re planning your end-of-year holidays with the kids then here is an opportunity to give your child the leadership and life skills they need, while having a fun time. An exclusive course for kids and teens – The British Council Holiday Camp 2019, a 4-day course especially designed for children to inspire, engage and motivate.

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SIX Christmas Cricket Camp Cover Image

2 SIX Christmas Cricket Camp

Want to enroll your kids in a cricket academy that has world class facilities along with excellent coaches? This program by SIX cricket community is what you should consider. Enroll for the Christmas Cricket Camp this winter holidays.

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Family Nature & Fishing Experience Cover Image

3 Family Nature & Fishing Experience

If you love the outdoors and nature, then this is tailor-made for you. The Outback Experience presents Family Nature & Fishing Experience, the perfect opportunity for families to get together and re-connect with the great outdoors. This specially crafted day-long nature & fishing experience for adults and children will allow you to experience the best that nature and wildlife has to offer. 

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Journey Back to Roots with Happily Outdoors Cover Image

4 Journey Back to Roots with Happily Outdoors

A stimulating and enthralling journey back to the roots this Winter with Happily Outdoors where your children will look beyond the obvious to explore the intricate connections with nature. Here, you child will re-establish that intricate bond that will help them to grow into a well-rounded human.

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Srishti Winter Program Cover Image

5 Srishti Winter Program

Get your kids prepared for the new year with some peace and calm. The three-day residential Srishti Winter Program, exclusive for children, is designed in a way that they build a connection with new things to come through yoga, nature walks and a lot of fun.

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RnRFit Winter Camp 2019 Cover Image

6 RnRFit Winter Camp 2019

Have a blast this winter at the RnRFit Winter Camp 2019! Full 5 days of fun and frolic, the winter camp is a great opportunity for you and your bubs to come and have a blast. There’s much to look forward to, like an obstacle course, races and games, trampoline time, open gym, fun with Legos and more! So, get your kids off the screen and keep them engaged with some great camp activities.

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Wings of Expression Cover Image

7 Wings of Expression

Wings of Expression, a workshop exclusive designed to bring out the creative best within your kids. Focus areas of workshop will comprise storytelling, self-expression, creating awareness of space, body and mind, teamwork, honing communication skills and more.

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Gond Art Workshop for Kids Cover Image

8 Gond Art Workshop for Kids

Art has many expressions and Gond Art is one of them! The word Gond means ‘The Green Mountain’ and it is a form of linear art depicted through a wide variety of lines and small dots. at this workshop, you and your little artist will get a chance to learn all these intricate details that’s behind Gond art. With a step-by-step process clearly laid out, you’ll learn all about the history, origin, style, global influences & some interesting facts on Gond Art.

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Young Naturalist Wildlife Camp Cover Image

9 Register for a superlative Nature camp!

**EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT FOR BB SUBSCRIBERS** This Nature and wildlife camp by the Outback Experience at a beautiful lakeside on the outskirts of the Bannerghatta forest is a great opportunity for kids to learn photography, angling, fishing and more with experts like Phillip Ross.

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Kids Christmas Baking Workshop Cover Image

10 Kids Christmas Baking Workshop

Christmas can’t be complete without some yummy Christmas treats. An exciting and fun Kids Christmas Baking Workshop where they’ll get to make their own delicious fudge brownies, some Christmas tree brownie pops, bake a biscuit mini house and beautiful sugar cut out stain glass cookies. Get creative and usher in the holiday’s in the sweetest way possible. 

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Little Engineer Winter Camp 2019 Cover Image

11 Little Engineer Winter Camp 2019

This winter inculcate in your child the hands on, minds on learning approach by introducing them to the world of Robotics, Coding and Electronics. Little Engineer Winter Camp is perfect for kids with curious minds and to make sure that everyone takes back the most from these sessions, it is divided as per batches; one for juniors and one for seniors. So put your engineering hats on and get ready for a fun ride!

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Make Hand-made Greetings Cover Image

12 Make Hand-made Greetings

This holiday season make your own greetings with your kids! A fun workshop where your kids will get to create water colour greeting cards for their friends with master artist Manickavachagam! In the session, they will observe nature and sketch, learn the basics of water colour painting, pen & ink drawing and of course, create their own greeting cards! Holiday special, coming right up!

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Warli Painting Workshop for Kids Cover Image

13 Warli Painting Workshop for Kids

Learn the process of how to up-cycle and recycle newspapers to make canvas for painting along with techniques such as creating a composition with line drawing and stick figures. In this workshop, you and your kids will also get an opportunity to create Warli art which is a form of Tribal art. A great way to teach kids about lines, shapes, dots and circles, Warli art consists of simple geometrical figures and vibrant colours which are a hit with children.

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Artwist Maker Winter Camp Cover Image

14 Artwist Maker Winter Camp

A 5-day workshop for kids to improve their creativity in Music, Dance, Art, Craft and Drama by the virtue of Making. Hosted in one of the biggest cultural centres in Electronic City, your kids will come out on the other side of the workshop with certificates acknowledging their efforts and hard work. During the session, kids will be taught to create their own cartoons, crafts, choreography, make their own music and write their own play.

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Clowning Workshop for Kids Cover Image

15 Clowning Workshop for Kids

Laughter is the best medicine! A two-day Clowning Workshop to let your child (and the child in you) find happiness from within. You can look forward to an interactive session that will make your kids feel like they are a part of the magic that exists in being a clown.

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Polar Express Winter Camp Cover Image

16 Polar Express Winter Camp

Winter holidays are a time to re-energize through some well-deserved fun! The Polar Express Winter Camp is focused on allowing your children to use their creative energy through enchanting stories, crafts, stimulating activities, singing, dancing and games. Every day they will get to learn new crafts. Be it a holiday gift box or Christmas card, they will enjoy making and showing off their creativity!

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Christmas Special Activities at Sevita Cover Image

17 Christmas Special Activities at Sevita

Sevita brings to you a series of Christmas Special Activities to make sure your kids have a really jolly time. Here you’ll get to make all things Christmas, starting from danglers, decorations, fridge magnets, pendants and more. There are some unique arts and crafts involved as well, like 3D mug decorations, Charcoal landscaping and POP hand moulds. So, it’s time to bring on the holiday cheer and get busy with your bubs while making all things Christmas!

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Gaia Winter Holiday Hoopla Cover Image

18 Gaia Winter Holiday Hoopla

It’s the Gaia Winter Holiday Hoopla! Learn and create leaf art while listening to stories written by renowned author, Julia Donaldson. The session will also include other activities like cooking, arts and crafts, music, dance, water play, puppets and games. For those who would like to add a fitness twist to the Hoopla, there’s a gym option as well and for those who like the stage, theatre! All this and more to look forward to, only at the Holiday Hoopla.

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Exploring R.K.Narayan’s Swami and Friends Cover Image

19 Exploring R.K.Narayan’s Swami and Friends

A series of workshops where you’re invited to deep-dive into one of R.K.Narayan’s best known works - Swami & Friends. There will be three workshops to choose from, where the facilitators will use different art forms to explore the book in a fun, experiential manner. Get right in and delve into the book using drawing, writing, music, theater, and storytelling.

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TechPlayLearn Robotics Christmas Camp Cover Image

20 TechPlayLearn Robotics Christmas Camp

Robotics workshop for kids, sounds interesting right?! Introduce your kids to the world of Robotics through this fun workshop. Here, each kid will be individually building a small-scale Robot and then learn how to program the robot to complete assigned missions! The workshops are divided as per grades, so there’s something special for every kid, making it a fun-filled, hands-on learning experience for them.

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Cilre Theatre Camp Cover Image

21 Cilre Theatre Camp

A theatre camp for children where they will have fun exploring aspects of theatre and experiencing drama in life! At the workshop, kids will get introduced to the different components of the life on stage like ensembles, acting, direction, screenplay, setting, props and costumes. And as a bonus they will imbibe life skills like public speaking, voice modulations, body language, creativity, confidence, self-esteem and much more.

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Wildside Winter Camp – Parent Child Program Cover Image

22 Wildside Winter Camp – Parent Child Program

A wonderful Wildside Winter Camp for parents and kids. You’ll have lots of opportunities here to explore the great outdoors while spending some quality time bonding with your children. Hiking and camping are not the only things included in this program.

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A Fun Christmas Workshop Cover Image

23 A Fun Christmas Workshop

There are certain ‘Christmas-y’ things that never go out of style! A fun X-mas workshop for parents and kids that involves all the best ‘Christmas things’ – baking, storytelling and puppet making! After a read aloud session of a holiday classic – How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ by Dr. Seuss, you’ll have some fun baking delicious goodies and making puppets as you discuss the book! This year bring in Christmas with stories, songs, fun and food.

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