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Wild Detectives: Online Course for Kids

Wild Detectives: Online Webinar

A unique online course that initiates a child into the fantastic world of discovery and adventure as they learn how to be Wildlife Detectives. During the course, your child will play the role of researcher, detective and a junior conservationist. Curated by experts, it’s designed to provide your kid with an opportunity to learn how to map, read signs, decipher clues that reveal cultural perceptions of wild cats, understand how camera traps work and how to measure tracks in the wild. That’s not all…at the end of the course they will have an opportunity to write about their discoveries with a chance of getting it published in an international online magazine!

Program Details

  • A total of 12 webinars. Sessions can be attended by the kids from anywhere in the world with the help of Internet and a computer.
  • Kids will receive detective kits to practice at home before the start of the course.
  • Map reading and research activities.
  • One webinar with a field expert.
  • An optional field trip to a wildlife sanctuary to understand field reality.


For more detail on the program, call at +91-8197443753 / +91-7397796541 / +91-7397786541. Last date to sign up is September 22nd.