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About Wheekids

Wheekids is a Makers club App for parents of kids between the ages of 2 to 8. Wheekids conducts sessions called PLAYJAMS which are collaborative DIY activities between parents and children. Playjams are aimed at helping the child learn through hands-on projects and increase parental bonding.

The workshops conducted by them are:

  • Collaborative: To emphasise and improve parental bonding.
  • Hands on DIY activities so children learn HOW things work.
  • Activities are centred around essential S.T.E.A.M disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

Workshops by Wheekids

Age Group
3 to 8 years
What Kids Learn
Playjams are Collaborative DIY activities with Parents and Children. Each Playjam introduces the child to unique subjects and aims to improve specific skill-sets that are essential for building a maker’s mindset in children.
✓ Art✓ Craft Activities✓ Developmental Activities✓ Enhanced Learning✓ Nature Tales✓ Science Activities✓ Upcycling Workshop
Workshop Size
Upto 15 kids in a group
1 to 1.5 hours
A material list is provided on the registration form for each event. Materials are typically those that can be found in any household with children.
Rs. 300/- per Playjam (or Rs.1000/- for 4 Playjams)
How to register
To know about the latest workshops and register online visit www.wheekids.com