Things To Do with Kids in Bangalore this Weekend: January 15th, 16th & 17th

Things To Do with Kids in Bangalore this Weekend:  January 15th, 16th & 17th Cover Image

BuzzingBubs’ Picks for Bangalore’s best things to do for kids this weekend are here. Whether your kid likes kite flying or gadgets, science or book reading, carnivals and workshops; there’s something for everyone!

Our weekend planner with things to do with kids in Bangalore is your best, curated list ever!

From kite flying at a festival to making your own kite this Sankranti, an introduction to Bharatnatyam, fantasy writing and book reading, arts and craft workshops, kids carnivals and more. There’s something in it for everyone.

Bengaluru Kite Festival Cover Image

1 Sky is the limit at the 'Bengaluru Kite Festival'

Bengaluru Kite Festival is all geared up to go where all are welcome to witness a lot of colour and fun. Its that time of the year again where the breezy winter mornings just beg for a kite, that time to rekindle the joy of those nostalgic childhood memories, that time to bond with family, […]

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Playjam Cover Image

2 Can You Make an Owl out of a Cola Bottle? Register Right Away at PlayJam

Playjam are collaborative play sessions for parents & children designed to build curiosity and build a maker mentality in children. Each session focuses on a new topic.  h2. This Week’s Playjam This week at the Playjam session they are making owls, the curious creatures, with large heads, little beaks and enormous eyes. At Playjams learn […]

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Kids Carnival by Little Sparrows Cover Image

3 A Magic Show, a Treasure Hunt and Activities galore at Kids Carnival by Little Sparrows

Kids Carnival by Little Sparrows has whole lot of fun activities for children and family to have loads of fun. A whole deal of activities have been organized to ensure children are engaged in them full time to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. There are also exciting activities like face painting and a […]

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Kite Flying Festival @ Karle Town Centre Cover Image

4 Join in Kite Flying, Kids Activities, Music and more at Karle Town Centre

Kite Flying Festival is for thousands of kite enthusiasts who love flying kites in an otherwise deep blue sky. Watch the sky change colors like a rainbow in a glittering sun after the rain and bask in the glory of Makara Sankranti, when the skies of Bangalore give way to colorful kites. h2. Special Features of […]

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Alchemy Kitchen Chemistry Workshop @ StepUp Cover Image

5 Come Learn the Science of Potion Making at The Alchemy Kitchen Chemistry Workshop

Alchemy Kitchen Chemistry Workshop teaches children to stir their imagination to make their own potion. From making rainbows to creating plastic, they will use everyday things to make magic. While doing these they will also gain an understanding of how potions have helped us. They will learn these through Games, Stories and Activities. h2. Activities […]

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Make Your Own Kite Cover Image

6 Book Your Slot at the 'Make Your Own Kite' Workshop at PlayGym

Make Your Own Kite is a workshop for children where they learn to make their own kites to welcome the festive season of Sankranti. All the materials are provided for the little ones to kickstart the class where the colourful delicate and intricate objects that soar into the sky capture the imagination and their creativity. […]

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Get Scientified Cover Image

7 Get Scientified with Crazy Experiments at easylib

Get Scientified engages children in a fun, exciting and exhilarating way to get creative with science. SCIENTIFIED is a 10 session course available on Sunday morning where juniors (5-8 years) design a kaleidoscope, make a musical instrument, perform safe chemical reactions, have fun with a snake bubble maker and much more. So hurry! Come and get SCIENTIFIED […]

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Stories about Abdul Kalam Cover Image

8 Be Inspired by Stories about Abdul Kalam at Kutoohala

In anticipation of the Indian Republic Day2016. Tale’scope will be telling us stories from Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam’s childhood and will relate the storytelling to interactive experiences in music and dance. This session cannot be missed! Register Now

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An Introduction To Bharatanatyam Cover Image

9 Attend an Introduction to Bharatnatyam by Akshara Bharadwaj

An Introduction To Bharatanatyam is a workshop from the history of Bharatanatyam to the modern day repertoire, this workshop by the talented dancer-choreographer Akshara Bharadwaj has everything. Dancing feet and an attitude to learn is all you need. Here the basics of dance is covered which includes an introduction, a few steps, the hand and face gestures […]

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Walkie Talkie @ Magichive Cover Image

10 Make your Own Walkie Talkie at Magichive

Walkie Talkie is a session for children which will take them through the evolution of communication. From Lighting Fire, Flying Flags, Training Pigeons and Sending Ponies. We have come a long way where gadgets have taken over now. This session will expose children to the role of communication played in shaping the history of the […]

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Fantasy Writing Workshop and Book Reading Cover Image

11 Enter the Magical Realm of Fantasy Writing and Book Reading at Atta Galatta

Fantasy Writing Workshop and Book Reading offers anyone an opportunity to enter the magical realm of Fantasy Writing and discover how your favorite stories and characters were created. In the Free Fantasy Writing Workshop participants will be given writing exercises after which you will learn the secrets to what makes a great Fantasy story. The […]

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Pandora’s Box Carnival Cover Image

12 Enjoy Traditional Children's Games at the Pandora's Box Carnival

Pandora’s Box is a carnival for the entire family. A day out that will make you stay till the very end! Plenty of games, activities and performances to make you nostalgic and remember precious memories. With an Indian theme decor, stalls to go beautifully with the theme and games that could get you really competitive and […]

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