Top 10 things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend (Jan 08 – 10)

Top 10 things to do with kids in Bangalore this weekend (Jan 08 – 10) Cover Image

BuzzingBubs’ Picks for Bangalore’s best events this weekend are here. Whether your kid likes Nature or reading, astronomy or travel, stories or pictures, there’s something for everyone!

Our weekend planner with these ten things to do with kids in Bangalore is your best, curated list ever.

A new twist on a children’s classic, green thumbs at work, activities built around a lake or ‘kere’, an evening with picture books, storytelling in the park, exploring the stars up in the sky, a travel quiz, an interactive puppet show, a reading program and a fun travel club.

Kere Habba Cover Image

1 Enjoy a fabulous family day out by the Lake at 'Kere Habba'

Kere Habba 2016 is a festival of activities to nurture the nature lover in people. A whole lot of fun activities for the whole family make its a complete family time extravaganza. The activities includes: Story sessions for children Playing of traditional games. Quizzes to hone up your general knowledge Relay race running Interacting with […]

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Hansel and Gretel Cover Image

2 Discover the world of 'Hansel and Gretel' through this extravaganza!

Hansel and Gretel is a fairy tale or so we all were told but then this beastly, cruel and merciless story is no fairy tale surely? Why because its a story about food and hunger and home and exile. Its about returning home, its a story about two children holding hands and about smells, sights, flesh and bones. […]

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Green Galatta Cover Image

3 Approach Botany with creativity!

Green Galatta is a workshop that lets children explore the world of plants through art. Children will make natural dyes from plants, observe and appreciate the variety in leaves by making a bingo game with them.

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Reading Program at My Little Chatterbox Cover Image

4 Enrol for the reading program at 'My Little Chatterbox'

Reading Program at My Little Chatterbox is back for children between 2 to 10 years. They will be conducting two program: h3. Mom & Tot program: Age group: 2 to 3 yrs Date & Time: Wednesday: 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm Fees: Rs. 800/- per month. Rs. 2500/- complete program (enroll for 4 months together […]

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Tales N Trails Cover Image

5 Don't miss a fun morning at Cubbon Park with 'Tales N Trails'

Tales N Trails is a great opportunity for children to discover nature at its best. This session is where an exciting and entertaining morning is planned with fun activities in the various remaining lung spaces of Bangalore. This event offers you to connect with mother nature and discover the sights and sounds of parks and gardens […]

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ET Space and Beyond Cover Image

6 Explore our Universe, Space, Aliens and more at the 'E T' Astronomy Workshop

ET Space and Beyond is an astronomy workshop for children where they will take the same journey which the universe has gone through. They will learn about the various celestial bodies, astronomers who played key roles in understanding the universe, satellites and the search for extra terrestrial life. The key activities of the workshop includes: Demo […]

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Just Go, Travel Quiz Cover Image

7 Participate and win goodies at the 'Just Go Travel Quiz'

Just Go offers to host a great Travel Quiz and participants can really discover as to how much do they know about India? They are looking for 4 teams of 2 participants each. So, boys & girls can actually nominate themselves along with a partner. If participants want to take part but don’t have a partner, […]

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Elephants – A Book art event Cover Image

8 Calling all our tiny tots to the 'Elephants' book art event!

Elephants is a book art event to introduce young children to outstanding children’s picture books and engage young children in art techniques of famous children’s books illustrators. In this session, they will be reading books about elephants, sing, dance and a big treat where the participants are introduced to an art technique by David McKee and […]

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Noddy in Toyland Cover Image

9 Come together to help raise funds for a 'Children's Park'

Noddy in Toyland is an Interactive Puppet Show for children. It is designed with characters from the Enid Blyton’s Popular Noddy Series. Children who participate in watching the show also become a part of the show. They interact with the characters and the various elements which helps in bringing the children closer to the puppets. This helps […]

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