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Warli Painting Workshop for Kids

Warli Painting Workshop for Kids

Warli is a type of folk art or tribal art of India and its easiest art for kids to start with. The best part is that Warli art consists of simple geometrical figures that kids can easily relate to and it is a great way to teach kids about lines, shapes, dots and circles. And the vibrant colours only make it easier to grab their attention! In this workshop, kids will learn about Warli art through composition with lines or stick figures. It is a great activity for kids to create and draw a story from their imagination as they get introduced to the folk art of the Indian Warli tribe. The workshop will investigate the motifs and by understand the traditional Warli art, children will get to create their own Warli inspired form of the story.

What are kids going to Learn

  1. Objective is to teach the composition with lines / stick figures.
  2. Great activity for kids to create and draw story from there imagination. Learning about storyboarding and creating artwork on their own life experiences.
  3. Using pattern and repetition that helps to create real sensory experience in 2D space for children

Material required

A4 size paper, Sketch Book, Pencil, Eraser & Poster Colors


To register for the workshop click the button below or call at +91-9945003337

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