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Villa Veneta Kids

About Villa Veneta Kids

Villa Veneta is the lifestyle brand on the CC India portfolio. The brand includes total premium Bedroom and Living concepts.

Villa Veneta Kids by CC INDIA

Villa Veneta Kids collection includes Kiddie, Pre-teen, and Teen (age group 2 – 19) bedroom compositions (Beds, Study, Wardrobes, etc.).

Why Villa Veneta Kids: Composition and geometries define an environment where we focus on both aesthetics and functionality that address’ today’s needs, while respecting the environment and quality, to achieve a system that nurtures your child and teaches them to be free thinking, creative and responsible adults. We provide versatile, customizable solutions, suitable for any space.

Colour Variants: We have over 700 color combinations and textures available.

Freedom of Movement: At Villa Veneta we believe that it is important to give kids a place of their own so that they can develop their own personalities and derive their own inspiration to life. We design the room based on input from both the parent and the child – so each room is 100% customized to the requirement of the client.

Environmentally Friendly: All our children’s furniture is equipped with silver ions, which prevent growth and reproduction of a broad range of microbes and bacteria when they come into contact. We care for the environment and that is why our furniture is made with eco panels that are made from 100% recycled post-consumer wood, EPF-S standard laminated and use completely water-based paints that emit close to zero emissions.

Endurance and Longevity: We want your children to grow into their rooms and ensure that the product is long lasting. Drawers and deep drawers are fitted with bumpers, which are synonymous with constant quality and exceptional resistance throughout the whole life of the piece of furniture. This technology and the fully integrated slow-closing mechanism guarantee a higher load bearing capacity and easier opening and closing of drawers and deep drawers, even if they are particularly heavy.

Current promotions

As part of CC INDIA’s 20th Anniversary, we have a special offer for the launch year where entire childrens bedroom compositions (bed, wardrobe, study table, storage, etc.) are available starting at Rs. 1.5 lakhs.