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Ultimate Summer Camp 2019

Ultimate Summer Camp 2019

Ultimate Education is conducting Ultimate Summer Camp for kids aged 4 to 9 years. They have planned a bunch of activities for fun, learning and development through the summer time.

Activities Planned For The Camp

  • Brain Training: Some fun math exercises which are age appropriate and are built around keeping in mind logic and reasoning.
  • Fun With English: English made easy using fun games like quizzes, jokes, riddles, word games, and more … for learners of English all age appropriate.
  • Soft Skills Development: Learning better communication, relating with others, and self discipline.
  • Story Telling: getting your child familiar with sounds, words, language and, eventually, the value and joy of books. This all builds your child’s early literacy skills, like the ability to listen to and understand words’.
  • Stage Presence:  An ideal Program for children who are interested in music, dance, and fine arts and wish to integrate those interests with drama.
  • Global Art: Children will be introduced to various new varieties of art and craft.

So, register for the camp to help your child enhance their level of creativity, have higher levels of self expression and have a better over all confidence!