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Uable Online Detective Program

Uable Online Detective Program

Explore, deduce, investigate! The online detective program is the perfect platform for your kids to start on their journey on being an investigator. The workshop will have a diverse range of simulated cases that will allow them to explore and understand key investigative skills like keen observation, questioning, gathering and verifying evidences, forming hypothesis, supporting their position and documenting among others. Your kids will come out the other side with sharpened critical thinking and lateral thinking skills that will help them greatly in this field in the future.

Uable is offering up trial sessions comprising 45 min activity sessions for kids & a 15 min FAQ session for parents. You can Book a Trial Class Now.

Program Details

  • Week 1: Solve a theft case by gathering and analysing evidences to identify the key suspect.
  • Week 2: Gear up with your bomb squad to diffuse a live ticking bomb by carefully following the set of well crafted instructions.
  • Week 3: Do you want to interview or interrogate? Learn the difference between the two by engaging with various techniques of investigation.
  • Week 4: Gather evidences and reconstruct the scenes to untie the knots in this strange mystery case to reveal the true offender
  • Week 5: We dare you to find your way out of this escape room! Put your detective skills to use to solve the many puzzles and crack the code to freedom!
  • Week 6: Switch Gears! Stop solving and start creating. Create your own mystery plot and challenge your peers to solve your case!