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Uable Online Astronaut Program

Uable Online Astronaut Program

Get your space boots on explorers because the online astronaut program is here! Your kids will embark on an exciting journey to see, think and feel like some of the greatest astronauts out there – Neil Armstrong, Kalpana Chawla, Sally Ride and more. Being an astronaut is very exciting, and this workshop will allow them to learn more about the extensive training and testing processes that astronauts undergo. The kids will be exploring nutrition and exercise similar to that they  experience in space, understanding more about their living conditions and most importantly what the job really entails!

Uable is offering up trial sessions comprising 45 min activity sessions for kids & a 15 min FAQ session for parents. You can Book a Trial Class Now. 

Program Details

  • Week 1: Transform into astronauts and learn more about who is an astronaut, what do they do and why does one become an astronaut?
  • Week 2: Explore the food habits of astronauts, create your own meal plan, perform experiments to dehydrate food, learn about gravity etc.
  • Week 3: Learning about staying fit and getting ready to go to space, Preparing to go to space and exploring exercises can be done in zero gravity.
  • Week 4: Personal hygiene is a very important part of our day to day life, explore how do astronauts have a bath in space in zero gravity, where do they throw their garbage? Where do they dispose human waste?
  • Week 5: What do astronauts wear? Do they wear space suits all the time? Learn and design more about their clothes and protective gear.
  • Week 6: Learn what astronauts do in space for entertainment. Do they watch TV? Do a bit of gardening or play games?