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Tumble Leap & Grow with Rhythm & Rhyme

Tumble Leap & Grow

Every summer Rhythm n Rhyme conducts Tumble Leap & Grow camp where little movers and shakers dive into various styles of music and movement in a high energy class assisted with colorful props and lots of motor skill development activities. Each day at camp has a theme. The activities at Tumble Leap and Grow range from getting into the groove with some peppy dance numbers to singing and learning new rhymes to improving listening skill and learning to work in teams. At camp they will tumble over the cheese and learn forward rolls, walk the wall to build upper body strength and leap over obstacles. Each of the campers will learn a new craft each day. The sit down fine motor skill activities will help your kid learn to be a team player, focus and be attentive and above all develop finer skills.


Contact Rhythm n Rhyme, to register.