12 Best enhanced learning camps this summer for the kids in Bangalore

12 Best enhanced learning camps this summer for the kids in Bangalore Cover Image

Looking for camps that are great fun but also have learning woven into them? Check out these 12 beautiful enhanced learning camps. From French, English, creative writing and carpentry to design thinking and coding, we have it all!

Enhanced learning camps are perfect if you are looking for options to add fun to your children’s learning experience. Pick from abacus, vedic math, robotics, coding and even carpentry, if you so choose.

With a whopping 146 plus camps in this category alone, we thought we’d give you the best of the lot for you to explore. Based on location, timings during the day and multiple camps beginning on different dates through April and May, you’ll love the variety.

Here are top 12 enhanced learning camps this summer that will cater to every child and make this summer a memorable one for kids and parents alike.

This is a curated list. View the complete list of camps in this category here.

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are summer camps we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not help with procuring registration slots for any of the camps here nor are we personally affiliated with any of the organisers who have listed their camps. We do not conduct any summer camps of our own. Please reach out to the respective camps for details on enrolment, available slots and registration details, if any

Camp Millionaire – Financial Literacy Camp Cover Image

1 Are your kids financially literate?

Managing money is an important life skill that involves multiple facets like planning a budget, saving, investing and multiplying income. Empower your child with this knowledge early in life.

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Coding Workshop Cover Image

2 Learn to code in a fun way!

Your kids get to sharpen their design thinking and algorithmic problem solving skills!

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Math n Science Summer Camp at Cogitare Cover Image

3 Master Math, Physics and Chemistry!

Master arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Experiment with electrostatics and other amazing Physics concepts. Learn Chemistry the fun way. Interested? Check out this camp!

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Happy Hullabaloo: Creative English Program 2019 Cover Image

4 Fall in love with the English language!

An English and writing program that is guaranteed to light your child's creative spark.

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Globetrippers Summer Camp 2019 Cover Image

5 Travel to different countries without leaving the room!

The famous Globetrippers camp will simulate travel to different countries with fun-filled games, crafts, audiovisuals, music & demonstration.

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The Mathemagic Merriment Cover Image

6 Be a math magician!

Don't miss this amazing math program, which packs in mental math, math tricks, Vedic math, speed math and more with fun games and magic.

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Vedic Math Summer Course Cover Image

7 Master the high art of Vedic math

This summer camp will help your children master Vedic math, packing in extra skills like brain gym, art, storytelling and empowerment activities. Don't miss this one!

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Tabletop Classrooms Cover Image

8 Play some fantastic games and discover a holistic learning methodology!

Do your kids want to do something different this summer? Let them join this fun and exciting gaming workshop and have tons of fun using their brains!

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Let’s Learn French Cover Image

9 Learn French the right way -- through conversation, literature and culture!

This beautiful camp teaches your children French through conversation, plays and more. Do check it out!

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Young World Leader Camp Cover Image

10 Build leadership skills for the future!

Create a sustainable world by harnessing your inner strength and leadership traits!

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Summer Camp at Eternity Cover Image

11 Soak in the beautiful fervour of the arts!

From theatre, dance, art, and photography to set design, Yakshagana and personality development, this summer camp has it all.

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Fun With Carpentry Cover Image

12 Get a safe and firsthand experience in learning carpentry

Your kids get to make wooden toys with child friendly tools. Need we say any more?

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