Best Dussehra Camps and Events for kids in Bangalore

Best Dussehra Camps and Events for kids in Bangalore Cover Image

Excited about the Dussehra holidays but anxious to keep your child occupied? We’ve curated best Dussehra camps and events to keep your kids and the entire family happy.

Ready to celebrate Navarati and Dussehra? This is also a time when the kids get a break from school routine to enjoy the festivities and learn about our traditions. But, are you worried about keeping them productively busy during the time? Dussehra camps and events in and around Bangalore are here just for you!

Bangalore is hosting some of the top Dusshera camps and events across various locations. From art to nature camps to sports to app development, the camps cover a wide-range of activities and interests for your kids to learn new skills or hone their talents this Dussehra holidays.

So, go on, check out the list below and choose the right Dussehra Camp or event for your child.

This is a curated list. If you’re looking for specific events in your area, do check here.

Sakleshpur Nature Camp Cover Image

1 Sakleshpur Nature Camp

Sakleshpur Nature Camp is not only the perfect way to help children experience the stunning beauty and rich fauna of the Western Ghats, but is also designed to set the foundation for a lifelong hobby of birdwatching and inculcating an interest in naturalist history, while also teaching children basic wilderness survival skills through fun games and activities.

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Gymnastics Dasara Camp for Kids Cover Image

2 Learn to bend and flip this Dussehra!

True Sports is conducting a gymnastics camp this dussehra for kids. Introducing children to this ‘mother of all sports’ helps build confidence, focus, memory, balance and strength. Help your child build agility and focus this holiday season!

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SIX Dussehra Cricket Camp Cover Image

3 Shot! And, that's a SIX-er!

Want to enroll your kids in a cricket academy that has world class facilities along with excellent coaches? This program by SIX cricket community is what you should consider. Choose from the weekend or weekday batches.

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Dusshera Camp At The Little Gym Cover Image

4 Dusshera Camp At The Little Gym

Let this Dussehra vacation be like no other vacation for your child. Enroll for the Dussehra Camp At The Little Gym across three centers in Cunningham Road, Indiranagar and Whitefield. At the Dusshera Camp kids will enjoy structured learning and creative play and also perfect gymnastics skills.

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Ed3D Math + Art Dussehra Camp Cover Image

5 Ed3D Math + Art Dussehra Camp

This Dussehra holiday join the Ed3D Math + Art Makerspace Workshop and get introduced to Visual Mathematics. This workshop explores the potential of mathematics to generate visually appealing objects and reveals some of the beauty of mathematics. From fundamental geometry to fractions, arithmetic to factors, Platonics to symmetry Origami to Patterns. Appreciate the elegance and artistic beauty of mathematical structures and creative logic behind them!

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Young Appers Program – Entrepreneurship & App Development Cover Image

6 Young Appers Program – Entrepreneurship & App Development

Ever wondered how you develop apps? Young techies will be elated to attend the Young Appers Program, an end to end App Development, Entrepreneurial event hosted by IIMB in collaboration with CampK12.

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Science Mania Dussehra Camp Cover Image

7 Science Mania Dussehra Camp

The MudPie Preschool brings to you an exciting holiday camp that kids will love. There’s something for everyone at this camp! Try the Science Mamp by Decode and Why or indulge in arts, crafts and a range of other interesting activities! 

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Dussehra Art Camp for Children Cover Image

8 Sketch and paint away your holiday blues!

Dussehra Art Camp for Children at Bloom & Grow is a curated session to teach kids the right techniques in pastel art, charcoal painting, calligraphy, typography, finger painting, sketching, coffee painting, block printing and much much more. The trainer Micky Sujan is a free-spirited artist who works with various mediums of painting.

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Dhaatu Navaratra Mahotsava 2018 Cover Image

9 Get dolled up for Dhaatu Navaratra Mahotsava

The Dhaatu Navratra Mahotsava is a paradise for doll lovers. The 23rd edition of this grand exhibition brings to you the display of over 5000 Indian traditional dolls. You will be mesmerised by this incredible display of culture and tradition. Also enjoy an evening of performances and storytelling with narratives that will enchant.

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Leisure n Learn Dussehra Camp Cover Image

10 Learn at Leisure

This Leisure and Learn Dussehra Camp is sure to keep your kids excited and engaged during the holidays. Get fit with gymnastics, engage in art and craft, challenging obstacle courses and lots of other fun activities! There’s no better way to learn than at your leisure!

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Dussehra Multi Sport Camp Cover Image

11 Dussehra Multi Sport Camp

Dussehra Multi Sport Camp2018 at Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence will provide an opportunity for your child to explore and experience multiple sports and have an active, fun filled holiday.

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Craft Mela for Kids: Dussehra Camp Cover Image

12 Craft Mela for Kids

A one of a kind carefully curated "Craft Mela for Kids" to nurture the interest in crafts amongst the budding generation. Enrol for the creative workshops specially curated for you over the entire week & weekend. Join in to make beautiful terrariums, dot painting, quilling, pendants, gift packaging, modular origami & wax melt painting projects.

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Creativity with Clay Workshop Cover Image

13 Creativity with Clay Workshop

Mud Effects bring to you Creativity with Clay, a clay modelling workshop in the Dusshera holiday. Enrol your kids in this uniques and creative workshop and let them enjoy the benefits of working with this natural clay. Children create unique clay project while they get personalised learning support, sensory development, self esteem, problem solving skills, self expression, discipline.

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Dress Up your Pattada Gombes Cover Image

14 Dress Up your Pattada Gombes

Join this hands on workshop to learn and Dress Up your Pattada Gombes. Mothers and children will work together as a pair to put together there choice of fabric for the Pattada Gombe, deck it up with classy jewelry, and make  uniquely decorated Raja Rani dolls.

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Kids Dussehra Camp @ Shivagange Hills Cover Image

15 Kids Dussehra Camp @ Shivagange Hills

Head over to Shivagange Hills for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime! Move away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the foothills, nestled among the magnificent rock formations and get in touch with nature. At this Kids Dussehra Camp indulge in a bit of green to reenergise and de stress!

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Stop! Let’s Spot! Cover Image

16 Stop and spot the magnificent Felines!

Stop! Let’s spot! An adventure based trip for your kids to be exposed to the wonderful world of wildlife! This October holidays, Little Passport takes you to Jawai, Rajasthan! Jawai is unique settings where the felines have made friends with man.

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Dussehra Yoga Workshop for Kids Cover Image

17 Dussehra Yoga Workshop for Kids

At the Dussehra Yoga Workshop children will be engaged in activities that are specially chosen for their enriching qualities and alignment with the goal of offering them a fun, empowering, educational, and creativity-boosting camp experience. Children will enjoy a nurturing, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, will stretch, strengthen and energize their bodies and minds, learn to express themselves creatively and compassionately.

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Kids Photography Workshop Cover Image

18 Kids Photography Workshop

The Outback Experience presents the perfect opportunity for budding young photography enthusiasts to master the art and science of digital photography. The Kids Photography Workshop is led by award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross who is exceptional with children and will ensure a fun, educational, interactive and creative time.

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Dasara Camp at Hampi – History, Trek & Science Cover Image

19 Dasara Camp at Hampi – History, Trek & Science

This Dussehra holidays, Happily Outdoors takes you to Hampi. Let your child explore the Vijanagara Kingdom as history comes alive in these monuments. At the Dasara Camp at Hampi children will trek the boulders and explore their new boundaries, enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and stare at the expanse of the river Tungabhadra river. 

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Srishti Dussehra Camp – Residential Cover Image

20 Srishti Dussehra Camp – Residential

Srishti Dussehra Camp is a three-day residential camp for kids to explore their innate connections with nature and appreciate the interdependence of all life forms. The program brings together yoga and nature in a fun filled adventure. Learn about eco-restoration, wildlife preservation, alternative energy, sustainable organic farming, water harvesting and more along with pranayama and meditation!

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KydzAdda Dussehra Workshop for Kids Cover Image

21 Tell a tale this Dussehra!

With the festive season upon us, it's time to get immersed in traditions. Join the KydzAdda Dussehra Workshop and listen to folk tales, discover Indian superheroes and participate in some traditional craft and theatre. There's so much to learn from our heritage and it's a great time to teach kids as well!

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Gyanpro Science Dussehra Camp Cover Image

22 Gyanpro Science Dussehra Camp

Get ready for a 3 day fun Science Dasara Camp at Gyanpro this festive season. The camp will be held across multiple locations in the city where kids will learn the concept of electricity, aerodynamics and buoyancy. There will be many exciting class room activities & projects that kids can take home.

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XLR8 Dussehra Camp 2018 Cover Image

23 XLR8 Dussehra Camp 2018

The XLR8 Dussehra Camp is a miniature version of their very popular summer camp! It’s a week-long event offering cricket, football and basketball. Expose your kids to these ball games and let them decide which one they love the most! Open to children from 5 to 16 years, this promises to be fun, engaging and motivating!

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Fairies & Superheroes: Story Based Workshop Cover Image

24 Fairies & Superheroes, a Story Based Workshop

Come and explore Indian Mythology and the superhuman characters through stories and theater at Fairies & Superheroes Workshop by Cilre. Children will listen to stories of Hanuman, Arjun, Bhim, Parvati, Shikandi and more. They will get to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the characters and learn from them through Role plays and activities.

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Dussehra Clay Workshop for Kids Cover Image

25 Dussehra Clay Workshop for Kids

Looking for something creative to do in the upcoming holidays? Check out Dussehra Clay Workshop for Kids at Tivity, a five day clay & pottery workshop. Children will learn basic clay & pottery techniques and make things using their creativity.

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Little Artist Dussehra Camp Cover Image

26 Little Artist Dussehra Camp

Here is a holiday camp that encourages kids to improve their creative competencies. Conducted by the talented Pari Berlin, this course teaches children to draw from still life through a variety of techniques and materials. Children will learn to develop their own style and create their own masterpieces Little Artist Dussehra Camp.

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Bully Buster Workshop Cover Image

27 Bully Buster Workshop

Bully Buster Workshop will be a 5-day workshop where children will learn to identify bullying behaviour, learning ways to cope, enlisting an adult for help and reclaiming your power from the bully. This will an interactive workshop where kids will learn through theatre, games and art. 

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The October Program at JJ Theatric Cover Image

28 The October Program at JJ Theatric

The October Program at JJ Theatric is a 5 day special program full of fun and lots of drama! This theatre workshop teaches kids storytelling, expressions, sight, sound and voice. Learn key skills from the experts and pull off dramatic scenes with flair!

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Sahasraa Dussehra Camp Cover Image

29 Sahasraa Dussehra Camp

Dussehra brings in the joy to unleash the strengths and celebrate our uniqueness. At the Sahasraa Dussehra Camp, children are given an exposure to explore and sharpen their skills by choosing the way they want to learn. History, Drama, Culture, Interpersonal and intrapersonal exposures and many more aspects. 

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PlayGym Dussehra Camp Cover Image

30 PlayGym Dussehra Camp

This Dussehra, The Play Gym is hosting a multi faceted program where your child can learn everything from self defence, karate, gymnastics, rubik, sudoku to painting! PlayGym Dussehra Camp will focus on all round development of the child in a fun and engaging during these holidays!

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Dussehra Workshop at Play Juniors Cover Image

31 Dussehra Workshop at Play Juniors

Play Juniors brings to you Dussehra Workshops this holiday to keep your kids busy with creative activities. Check out the list of different activities planned and enrol soon.

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